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Beautify JavaScript Code (Javascript Unminifier)

How can I unminify JavaScript Code?

To "decrypt" minified JavaScript you need to use an online JavaScript beautifier. It is very useful when you have a javascript code that was minified or obfuscated and you need to make it readable again:

Just copy and paste your "ugly" (unformatted or unidented) javascript code into the form and it will re-ident.
It will reformat the js code, including missing "enters" (new lines) and indentation spaces. It will display the total number of bytes and number of lines after beautify.

Based in the Perl code of JavaScript::Beautifier - Beautify Javascript (beautifier for javascript).

Post by webtools (2011-09-20 17:45)

From: Minify Code
Just more suggestion tools to beautify JavaScript CSS and HTML These are fast and easy to use! 2014-05-02 02:52

From: м
не работает ссылка, зато нашел здесь 2012-12-18 08:45

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