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E-commerce features

Features of an e-commerce website:

E-Commerce Administration features:

Back End Features (ecommerce management / admin features):


  • Add new product
  • List price (product price)
  • Discount price
  • Cost price manager (only admin user can view Cost price)
  • Price can be defined by "each" (unit price) or by "weight"
  • Edit product
  • List products
  • Delete products
  • Upload product images and thumbs
  • Product variation (one product can have options like color, size, model with distinct prices)
  • Can create thumbnails automatically from big image files
  • Define max. units in cart for each product
  • Define product keywords to search
  • Search products by id, description, name or category
  • Stock manager (products may or may not have stock control)
  • Define starting date when product will be available in the site (optional)
  • Define last date when product will be removed from site (optional)
  • Manage product listing priority
  • Define if "product is hot deal" (Featured Product)


  • Add new category (Category name, text, listing priority, image upload)
  • List categories
  • Edit categories
  • Create/manage sub-categories
  • Category names in multiple languages
  • Delete categories
  • Assign products to categories


  • Add new customer
  • Customer Shipping information database
  • Customer Billing information database
  • List customers
  • Edit customers
  • Delete customers
  • Search customers by name or id


  • View orders from each customer
  • Search orders
  • Order status (New Orders, Processing Orders, Shipped Orders, Received Orders, Canceled Orders)
  • Send email using backend tool to inform user about order status
  • Print Slip: Create print version of order detail to print and include with product shipping
  • Admin can view selected shipping method
  • Admin can download orders to view using Excel


  • Accept multiple credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, other cards)
  • Verify valid credit cards online with Cybersource
  • PAYPAL integration


  • Full level administration (with login and password)
  • Second level administration (with login and password), but only with some selected backend options available.
  • Enable HTTPS/SSL (secure server) to do transactions with sensitive data (user information and credit card information)


  • List orders
  • Delete/reject orders
  • Reject partial order (select valid products to accept in each order)
  • View credit card information
  • Manage order status (New, processing, sent, received, canceled)


  • Calculate FEDEX price based on weight, shipping zip code and destination zip code
  • Calculate UPS price based on weight, shipping zip code and destination zip code
  • Calculate USPS price based on weight, shipping zip code and destination zip code
  • Calculate DHL price based on weight, shipping zip code and destination zip code
  • Offer multiple shipping options (1 day, 2 day, 3 days or ground)
  • Calculate best shipping price based on comparision between shipping carriers


  • Fully Customizable Layout of shopping cart and product pages


  • Site content manager to create dynamic pages (e.g.: Contact form, company info, about, privacy policy, history and more)


  • View store front in multiple languages
  • Lock/Unlock store
  • Setup e-mails (admin can receive e-mails with orders)
  • Edit e-mail content (order confirm message to admin and customer)
  • Setup Available Shipping Methods (create, list, edit, delete shipping methods)
  • Setup Payment Methods
  • Language setup
  • Weight Unit setup (Grams, Pounds, Ounces)
  • Backup full store database tool (download and upload)


  • Number of sessions
  • Number of orders
  • Number of shipped orders
  • Number of products
  • Number of customers
  • Number of suppliers

E-commerce Front End Features (user view):

  • Manage stores in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese and more)
  • Search products by name, description or id
  • List products by category
  • Add/Update/Delete products from shopping cart
  • Stores user info (login, password, shipping and billing info)
  • User can create login and password.
  • Forget password option will send password to user's email
  • User can supply shipping and billing information
  • User can select shipping options (1 day, 2 days, ground...)
  • User can enter Coupon/Promotion Code

See also: Layout ideas for e-commerce websites

Post by webtools (2012-10-30 23:48)

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