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Install nano editor in EC2 server

If you create an EC2 instance in Amazon cloud using 32 bit linux, the old version of nano is installed (2.0.9).

To install the new version, you need to download and compile:


make install

Then you can remove the old version:
rm /bin/nano

The new current version of GNU nano editor will be installed in this path:

It's better to use the new version of the editor because you can use new features and run nano as defined in this alias:
alias p='nano -T 2 -w -c -u'

I have this line above in my .bashrc (bash configuration file), because:

 -u: enable Undo (alt-u) and rEdo (alt-e)
 -w: disable wraping long lines
 -c: show cursor position
 -T 2: Intend tab as 2 spaces

Post by webtools (2014-08-29 13:45)

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